Hi! I'm Erik Alm, a multidisciplinary designer, artist and all-round creative dude. This site is where I showcase my work.

What do you want to see?
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You know a picture is worth a thousand words...

... but how do those thousand words get there in the first place? I put them there.

That picture in your head, that you just can seem to get down on paper? The one you can barely explain in a 30 minute slideshow, but you're still not sure that anyone really gets, and you wish you could convey in an awesome, simpler matter? I can help you with that.

Whether I call myself a designer, an artist or a super duper ultra senior mobile UX art director doesn't really matter. I take complex messages, feelings or concepts – anything, really – and compress it into something compact, self-explanatory and good looking. Be it a logo, a video or a rock album artwork.

Wanna get in touch? Just send me a mail at kiremla@gmail.com!.